Festival Catur Putrajaya 2018 – another record breaking event!

Like I mentioned in last year’s post, I was honored to be recognised as someone from the media worth inviting to a chess event so I am here at the second edition of the Festival Catur Putrajaya. Also  not that altruistic as I was there to collect my last year’s T-shirt which was promised but still haven’t received 🙁

As in last year, this is a grand event attracting the biggest ever number of participants for a one day event in Malaysia.

This year it’s 1935 participant !! At least that’s according to  chess-results.com. Obviously, there are absentees but even then the final numbers is still huge (not many absentees considering you have to pay up to be registered!).

First thing I noticed arriving at the venue was large number of kids  getting off the busses. Are these kids also playing in the chess event? I found out later they were !

Still it was not the total number of participants the organisers were aiming for but  they were more interested in the total number of children. This left out the OPEN and Under 18 sections which is a significant number. However even then the total number all under 15 players was 1539 which broke last year’s 1224 total.

Another record set!

Despite the potential for things going wrong, the organisers deserve a pat on the back for a well run chess tournament.

One would expect a logistics nightmare with 1900+ players which does not include the parents, teaches and coaches!

Amazingly, the event went on without any problem (that I noticed) which to me personally is an impressive feat.

Also, anyone would expect the problem of crowdedness but thanks to the spacious Menara Seri Wilayah, which not only housed the huge number of people but had enough parking spaces available. To be honest, I did park 5 minutes walk from the venue as I didn’t want to get into any possible jam leaving the place. I later saw I was mistaken as this was not a problem too.

The success of the tournament was helped by experienced and capable people. One of them include Chief Arbiter Najib Wahab.

Also to add to the prestige of the event, top boards for the Open section was broadcasted live on websites as well as on Facebook thanks to the efforts of Norazwan “Shin Azwan” of AI Chess fame.

Even food was catered for as about one dozen food trucks can be found  right outside the playing venue.


end of Part 1.

More to post later.. have to sift through more pictures and videos for the second part 🙂


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