A visit to the Institute of Chess Excellence (ICE), Puchong

This preview talk by the all new chess centre was on the 10th of June, 2017.

For those going there, look for this building as the landmark. Corner building, Restoran Stone Steam Pot. (The abbreviation ICE (or TICE) is mine because I hate to type out long names 🙂 )

A word of advice, if you are going on a weekend, don’t be picky about the parking spot. I took the first vacant spot I saw because from experience, I don’t want to circle the place endlessly looking for the nearest place to park. It gets pretty crowded on weekends.

The one I picked was a little further but since this is a relatively small business area, it was only 2 minutes walk.

It’s free parking on weekends.


Incidentally the place is a Pokemon Go stop 🙂

For those going by public transport, there is the LRT. Just stop at Taman Perindustrian Puchong LRT station (which incidentally holds the distinction for the longest name among the LRT stops). After crossing the overhead bridge, the chess centre is only 4 minutes normal walking speed. 2 minutes if you run ! 🙂


“Stonemaster” Fadli is also here and listening intently!

All chess sets here are wooden pieces which is really nice.


The prime person and Director at ICE here is FM/FT Peter Long.  

I like that Maxis internet is super fast here. But that also means my quota will finish super fast too if I’m not careful.

Pictures of famous chess personalities with frame.

 The preview clashed with other events but still the attendance is more than respectable.

I didn’t take notes and many things were discussed and presented about training juniors but one thing that stuck with me is Peter’s explanation about the mundane. It is the mundane and boring process that improves chess the most and there are no short / fast quick fixes. It is the boring, repetitive processes like doing tactical exercises, reading up, keeping up with opening nuances etc.  This is where coaches can help my formulating training plans and directing students to what is more important so as to maximise the limited time and resources.

Also the focus is on junior training (U-9,U,11, U13, U19) so if you are some big and old buffalo over 19 like me, you can forget it. But there are still the regular rated (IM tournaments!!) , unrated tournament at the centre to look forward too.

The new chess centre is already becoming very active with training sessions and tournaments. Tentative schedule is:

Please check for the latest schedule at ICE website and Facebook page as there may be changes.

Again, I really like that ALL the chess pieces here are wooden 🙂

Stonemaster Fadli and Mr Michael Yeap chatting while waiting for the registration for the ad-hoc blitz event.



Blitz registration!

The start of blitz!

Winner of blitz: Lye Lik Zang

No need to go into details but I remember over a decade ago Peter Long’s similiarly suggested program cooperating with  MCF for training sadly died a premature death because of some problems and resistance. Glad that it finally has a chance now.

My conclusion from the preview:

Not to take anything away from hard working local coaches as there are many doing their bit training the kids but what ICE is doing is by far  the most ambitious, comprehensive and focused junior training program I have seen. Also, from the preview it was stressed there is no competition with local coaches as what ICE is doing is different. Exciting times!!

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